Kacy Karlen for TERCtalks

Arriving at one goal is the starting point of another.  

John Dewey, Democracy and Education

The first TERCTalks post went live on the otherwise mundane date of March 7, 2012. Thirty-five posts later, I am handing off the Bunsen to TERC staff.  I’m confident that this blog will thrive with many different voices; not just one.

In a year’s time, TERCTalks became my labor of love as a writer—my opportunity to learn about and share insights great and small—gleaned from unpacking the compelling research endeavors of our staff. I got to sit down and chat with researchers deeply invested in making our world a better place through their innovative work across adult numeracy, educational gaming, early algebra, climate science, assistive technologies, data use, and electronic community development. I got to travel to classrooms, conferences, and pilot test sites and observe how TERC work is impacting the daily lives of teachers and students nationwide. I got to bask in that infectious love of learning, that passion for making education accessible and equitable that every TERC staff member embodies.

It’s a year later, and high time for this one writer’s labor of love to become a collective vision. Thank you for joining in the start of the conversation with me—I hope you’ll also join me in following its evolution!

KK for TERCTalks

One Comment to “Ch-ch-ch-changes…”

  1. Kacy,
    Very nice!

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