1) What does TERC stand for?

Originally, when TERC was founded by Arthur Nelson in 1965, the acronym stood for “Technical Education Research Centers”—a title that encompassed that technical and vocational education endeavors of the organization at the time. Since then, we’ve extended our project research and development across all areas of STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) education to reach K-12 and postsecondary students as well as adult learners. Today, we are simply known as “TERC.” To read more about TERC’s history, visit ‘History’ under the ‘About Us’ section on our website.

2) Where is TERC located?

TERC is located at 2067 Massachusetts Avenue in Cambridge, Massachusetts. We are a short distance north on Mass Ave from the Porter Square T station.

TERC’s programming reaches over 3.5 million students nationally and internationally every year. Primarily, our projects are conducted in the United States. For more general information about TERC’s project work, visit the TERC Profile.

3) Does TERC provide funding?

TERC is not a funding organization. We receive grants and contracts from funding organizations to conduct project work. For more information about some of our partners and funders, please visit our ‘Funders’ page on our website.

4) Where can I learn about jobs, internships, and other opportunities to get involved in TERC’s work?

You can visit our ‘Jobs’ page for current employment listings and internship opportunities. The appropriate contact for each job/internship will be included with the job description. Please direct any other position-related inquiries to HRinfo@terc.edu.

In addition, TERC’s ‘Get Involved’ page under the ‘About Us’ menu contains opportunities for educators and administrators to get involved with active TERC research projects.

5) Does TERC accept articles or outside research for publication?

TERC does not accept outside articles or research for publication. The TERC website is an organizational site designed to inform the public about our research and development work. We offer links to external research by our staff members in our Research Library, as well as a comprehensive listing of current projects.

6) How can I purchase a product or curriculum that I am interested in?

TERC is not a publishing house or retailer, so we don’t accept orders unless noted specifically on the individual product page (see the list of TERC products and publications here). Product and publication listings will generally include links to publisher’s websites or external sites where you can purchase the items on the right sidebar under “More Info”.

7) How can I subscribe to TERC’s mailing list, or be signed up for e-newsletters?

To subscribe to Hands On! (TERC’s bi-annual publication) or TERC Connect (TERC’s e-newsletter service), please email communications@terc.edu with your request and include your name, address (if you’re interested in Hands On!), and an email address. You can also submit your request via our electronic sign-up form.

8) Where can I find TERC via social media channels?

TERC maintains social media feeds on FacebookLinkedInVimeo and Twitter (via @TERCtweets). Please follow us, or click on the links on the right toolbar to navigate directly  to our various feeds.

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